WMC with Corrupt DA

#WMC Hands-In-Gloves With DA For A Nation Capture In 2019

All the deceit and corruptions undertaken by Democratic Alliance and its partner-in-crime #WMC to loot South Africa are gradually getting in the out. Now that the #WMC has set its evil eye on the politics with the sole intention of creating its favored government in South Africa in 2019, in its quest to realize the political supremacy in our nation, it has thoroughly strategized to rope in Democratic Alliance (DA). DA also finds its right partner in crime, as they also want their propaganda tactics and mainly funding to topple the black government of Jacob ZUMA. Though the Democratic Alliance was established to ensure imbibing democratic principles within the nation, their greed for power and money has made them the biggest enemy of the well-being of the native blacks. And to make the matter worst, they have joined the ranks of #WMC and its malicious agenda to destroy the black economy and set up a #WMC bound government.

DA Administration Orchestrated the Biggest Housing Scandal Till Date

Among the many big scandals happened under the leadership of DA in Western Cape province since its power escalation in 2009, ‘Filcon Property’ scandal is the biggest of all with an excess of R610 million been looted without any visible work from the organisation.

The DA, under the strict instructions of the Western Cape Premier ‘Helen Zille’ and DA head ‘Mmusi Maimane’ and many other DA leaders, had awarded government housing contracts of almost R610 million to Filcon, a housing company, headed by Mr. Sean Loggenberg. The CEO of Filcon, Sean has been barred from serving as a Company Director for any British organisation till the year 2024 by the British Insolvency Service, as he has been responsible for the liquidation of almost 10 companies under his guidance. Saun had fled UK in the light of this decision and still owes creditors in excess of R5 million.

A short synopsis about the scandal and its effects:

  • DA used the public funds Illicitly by awarding contracts to CF Projects Cape (Pty) Ltd (t/a Filcon), thus breaching the Public Finance Management Act 1999 & the Prevention Against and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act 2003.
  • DA breached of the National Treasury Regulations on supply chain management and/or any other relevant policies and/or regulations applicable to the use of public funds in awarding contracts to CF Projects Cape (Pty) Ltd (t/a Filcon).
  • DA had received massive funds by the previous UK entities under the control of Saul Loggenberg, by the Democratic Alliance and/or Helen Zille, Dan Plato and or Patricia De Lille.

Owing to all the atrocities, ANC western cape had filed an affidavit for an immediate investigation on this high-profile scandal.

When Democratic Alliance collaborated with #WMC and White Media

When Democratic alliance head Mmusi Maimane realized that the baseless allegations and fake protest against ANC regime and the president were not helping him to realize his dream to come in power, he held the hands of white media and its fake propaganda machinery. Undoubtedly, this was the best option for him, as white media has already doing fake propaganda against current Zuma government and trying to implicate them on many fake controversies. Presently, every fake controversy against blacks and the current government is because of the notorious alliance of the white media and the DA.

In the current state, if the likes of DA and EFF are thinking that they can come to power through these fake allegations and propaganda of white media, then they are wrong. Neither they are capable of doing it, not their intentions are right. They are just heading one province, which is completely rotted by corruption, yet they are still dreaming to govern the whole nation. So, all the native blacks must reject the allegations and theories made by DA and the white media outrightly because they are the stooges pursuing #WMC agenda in the veil of the rights of the native blacks.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    The collaboration of DA and white media is surely going to eat the economy of South Africa. They with the help of their influence and fake propagandas will leave no scope for blacks to prosper…We all should keep our eyes and ears open and be aware that these stooges of WMC are heading towards the throne which they don’t deserve.

  • Helen R. Miller

    DA is surely going to set his goals as per the needs of WMC…Being involved in so many scandals, what else can be expected from DA.

  • Tshepang

    Over our dead body…NEVER will we allow minority to rule us!