Fake Propaganda of White Media

White Owned Media is Back with its Fake Agenda Crusade in the Light of Guptas’ Assets Sell Off

And, the expected happens! The white owned media is finally back with another blockbuster fictitious propaganda about the Gupta family and how their recent Tegeta Exploration & Resources sell off (sold to Charles King SA) is allegedly just a blinder to gain sympathy of SA natives. The fake news title is “amaBhungane and Scorpio #GuptaLeaks: Tegeta buyer ‘hid’ Gupta assets before”.

The Entire Story is a Smooth Art of Fiction

The fake story by amaBhungane and Daily Maverick is solely aimed at generating animosity towards the Gupta family as it continues to show great patriotism and care for its workforce.

The entire thing seems like a smooth corporate thriller fictional story being unfolded by the master storytellers – amaBhungane & Scorpio. Well the most significant essence of the entire fiction is that each and every instance of it is solely based on assumptions. The story is being linked to the #GuptaLeaks emails, as usual, thus showing the desperation of the white media running out of interesting propaganda themes.

The Definite Reason of the Oakbay Assets Sell Off

Such a sell off move by the Guptas is being acknowledged as their desperation to save 7500 jobs of the Oakbay group. This is happening at the same time when the white owned companies such as AngloGold Ashanti, which is led by ‘Save South Africa’ campaign’s Sipho Pityana, is cutting over 8500 jobs. It is ironic that Pityana wants to Save South Africa but wouldn’t save 8500 jobs.

Prior to the Tegeta deal, the Guptas had also sold off their media arms – ANN7 & TNA to ‘Jimmy Manyi’.

The crisis for the Oakbay was created by white monopoly capital in its effort to squeeze the Guptas out of the South African economy by closing all the bank accounts of the group, thus rendering it with no opportunity to even be able to provide salaries to its employees via any means.

A Hopeless Request for White Media to Uplift its Fictional Game

The white media, through their fake yet interesting fictions, has raised our expectations to such an extent that the recent fiction about the Guptas is bluntly not upto the mark. So, we request amaBhugane & Scorpio to hire some of the best authors of the likes of ‘Joseph Finder’ who would be able to deliver the best corporate thrillers and keep entertaining us with such fake news.