Former SARB Director’s Expose

White Media’s Intentional Silence Over SARB Capture By ‘Top 4’ Private Banks

Be it state capture or economy capture, #WMC has always tried its best through its fake propaganda and dirty tricks to suppress the voice of native blacks and their supporters. And white media is the arsenal behind all these dark arts and tactics. They are the real culprits who are hiding every misdeeds of #WMC by diverting the entire nation’s attention towards their cooked-up propaganda of demeaning the native blacks and the non-whites. The best case scenario which comes as an exemplification is the SARB capture done by top 4 private banks namely, Standard Bank, ABSA Bank, FirstRand Bank and NedBank. The white media has deliberately stayed silent on reporting this. Rather, it has diverted the entire nation’s attention towards the fake & cooked-up state capture done by the non-whites and the native blacks.

White Media Avoids Reporting Former SARB Director’s Expose

The truth behind the SARB capture by the white banks can be better heard from an insider source of the central bank, the former SARB Director ‘Stephen Goodson’. A famous economist, who often gets praised for his liberal thoughts and reforms to take SARB out of the clutches of the Whites, but the white media with its peers have forced him to put down his papers and blindly support the whites overtaking the SARB.

Stephen Goodson had paid this high price, as he had revealed the dark secrets about the economy loot of SARB and has implicated that the media houses like ‘Mail & Guardian’ and ‘Fin24’ are the real culprits for deliberately not reporting the scenario of state capture done by the top 4 private banks of South Africa, thus working to the chords of the #WMC.

The white media’s absence, in this case, is very conspicuous, as amaBhungane and Scorpio, the self-proclaimed investigative agencies fail to sense any irregularity in this case. Or that they are being guided not to act upon it. But, when it comes to the blacks and their supporters, they become highly proactive and start to act against them, even on baseless allegations.

White Media Avoids Reporting The Actual State Capture

Here are the facts revealed by the former Director which reflect the extent of exploitation of South African economy by #WMC:

  • The economy has suffered 19 subsequent recessions since 1921, thanks to the private banks manipulating the rand currency value.
  • The currency has suffered 99.7% devaluation since the establishment of SARB, as all the private banks influence the decisions of the central bank.
  • SARB has halted the formation of a state owned bank, all thanks to the constant pressure from the white banks.

These are the high-profile scenarios which literally point to a valid state capture and should be investigated upon.

The white media’s biased behaviour in many situations is evident enough of its devotion to the #WMC. For instance, the biggest corruption scandal, as per the CIEX report in which R26bn by ABSA (Barclays Africa Group Limited) was intentionally sidelined by the white media and was never reported; yet a mere cooked up propaganda of State Capture on the non-white owned Oakbay Investments led to the deliberate suspension of their accounts by these white owned private banks. And the only reason behind all this accounts suspension fuss was that the Oakbay Investments refused to work with the lobby of corrupt #WMC.

White media has hijacked our voice and ideas; white corporates have led their propaganda to own our lands and now they have owned our economy through banks as well. It implies that nothing much has left for the native blacks. If this course will continue for long, it will create an existential crisis for us. So stand tall, raise your voice, and fight for your rights and wipe out the menace of the White media and its propaganda forever.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    South Africa is still in the tight grip of Whites and this is the reason poverty, corruption of millions and billions prevails in the country.The boot-lickers of #WMC have
    hegemonized all the top sectors of the country….and white media is leaving no ways to support this monopoly of whites…Common white media! For a sec let’s be honest!

  • Helen R. Miller

    The symbol of so called “True Journalism”, I have only one question for you white media, ” Why does any of the channels working under the lobby of WMC bosses don’t report anything which is against any WMC boss?” Report it with relevant proofs…We die to hear your point too.