White Media Defaming the Guptas

The Extreme Levels of Obscenity of White Media to Defame the Guptas

Talking from the perspective of the code of conduct of journalism, the role of media is to communicate facts to the general public with utmost objectivity. On the contrary, today, many media houses are operating with a biased approach, misrepresenting facts and running propaganda.

The white media is replicating the same media approach in South Africa; they have been running propaganda against the native blacks and their supporters and covering up the misdeeds of #WMC. Though the politicians and corporate houses who support the well-being of black natives, have been on the radar of the white media propaganda, it now seems that their focus has now shifted entirely to the Gupta Family. The WMC has come out all guns blazing in their effort to tarnish the Guptas with a plethora of manipulated data and conjured allegations.

Let’s familiarize you with the Guptas – a business family from an Indian town who moved to South Africa in 1993. Since then, because of their meticulous work and favorable policies, they have established themselves in the IT, Media, Property and Leisure, Engineering, and Mining sectors, which is somewhat impossible for a non-white player in the country.

What compelled the White Media to shift their focus from others to particularly the Gupta Family?

The first and foremost reason for the shifting of this focus is to defy the attributes of RET (Radical Economic Transformation), formulated by President Jacob Zuma. But direct defying of RET could backfire for them, as it was in favor of the South African economy. They started by defaming the personalities who were standing in support of RET. So they attacked the Guptas, the most significant player in the success of RET, and started to run various propaganda campaigns against them.

Their quest for gaining supremacy of #WMC in every sector was also under threat, as Zuma had tried to rope in more non-white businessmen, like the Guptas, to support the cause of RET. This was done because the real purpose of RET is the inclusion of the blacks in the economy and the Gupta family was the front-runner among those businessmen.

Another reason for the sudden frustration of the white media against the Guptas is that they had bluntly challenged the monopoly of #WMC in various major sectors (source of illegal wealth of #WMC) as their success in those sectors was unprecedented.

The white media has tried every dirty trick at its disposa,l through its lobbyist newspapers and media channels, to defame the Guptas. However, it has all been in vain. Despite the malicious campaigns against the Guptas, they outperformed the white corporates in many major sectors and garnered a significant support of the native blacks in their favor. By seeing the rise in their popularity and their positive image of being the biggest proponents of RET, the entire white camp panicked and proceeded to unnecessarily drag the name of Gupta in various controversies.

To make their malicious campaign more aggressive, they had taken the support of investigative agencies and the flag-bearers of the white media, so that they can manipulate the thought process of the natives and use them against their own people.

Role of South African Investigative Journalism agencies in defaming the Guptas

From a general perspective, the investigative agencies are known for their authenticity and their role is to investigate facts through painstaking research and present these facts as intact as they emerged during the investigation. But in South Africa, two of the leading investigative journalism agencies, amaBhungane’s and Scorpio’s role, was extremely suspicious as they were hired by the white media to add spice to their dirty deeds. However, the white media was on a spree of defaming the Guptas with its dirty work before taking the support of the above investigative agencies, as it wanted more arsenals to counter the public support of the Guptas.

Apart from roping in the agencies, the white media still lacked some credible personalities, who could become the face of the campaign. So to realize this purpose, they roped in some flag-bearers to make their propaganda campaign more credible. And most importantly, people were not acquainted with the real purpose of these flag-bearers, which was to undermine the black natives and to support #WMC and their oppression.

White Media Flag bearers’ introduction with the brief history of their misdeeds

Let’s introduce all these flag-bearers on the basis of their professional resume, which are full of conspiracies against the native blacks and their supporters and stories of their allegiance to the #WMC.

Sam Sole

He is currently serving as the managing partner of the investigative agency, amaBhungane, which is itself a white media lobby and devoted to the agenda of #WMC. Being an apartheid spy, he has been using this experience and his shrewd mind to create propaganda favoring the white dominance, a camp that is pro-imperialist and pro-capitalist and against the incumbent black regime. His most famous works, which have brought him name, fame and popularity are completely based on the different propagandas created against the Guptas. Here are a few:

  1. How Denel Was Hijacked Dated 2016-05-30
  2. Evidence of State Capture Mounts Dated 2016-11-09
  3. Zuma Treasonous Alliance With The Guptas Dated 2016-12-08
Stefaans Brümmer

Managing partner at the M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism and a co-founder of amaBhungane in 2010, Stefaans didn’t let down white media, either in implicating the Guptas in fake corporate cases or in creating a negative public perception against them. He has mastered the art of rigorous attacking without any conclusive proof, like he did in the case of the Guptas. He is one of the prominent members who pushed the term “state capture” and imposed it on the Guptas. His fake propaganda content pieces at the expense of the Guptas have brought him stardom. Here are the content pieces:

  1. Gordhan Blows Whistle On Guptas’ R6.8 billion suspicious and unusual payments dated 2016-10-15
  2. Transnet’s Shady Gupta Loan Deal Dated 2016-09-18
  3. Guptas R51 billion Train Grab Dated 2016-06-19
  4. The Guptas Owned State Enterprises Dated 2016-03-24
  5. How To Eat Parastatal Like Transnet Dated 2016-09-16
Susan Comrie

Another evil face of investigative journalism, Susan was the one who went about accusing the Guptas for corporate crimes, which she used to cover up her white bosses in the pretext of legalities. She did many stories on so-called state capture by the Guptas and was declared as the 2016 Sanlam Financial Journalist of the Year at the awards gala in Johannesburg for her propaganda. So, basically she has entirely earned her reputation at the expense of the Guptas. Some of her most popular stories are:

  1. Exclusive: Gupta’s Laundered Kickback millions dated 2016-12-13
  2. State approved Gupta’s raid on mine rehab fund dated 2016-11-04
  3. The Guptas and R250 million ‘kickback laundry’ dated 2016-10-29
  4. R587 million in 6 Hours – How ESKOM Paid for Gupta Mine dated 2016-10-21
Adriaan Basson

He is currently serving as an investigative reporter for newspapers like Mail & Guardian and Beeld. He has been playing his role perfectly but only for the benefit of #WMC, all the while conspiring against the nation. Being a seasoned journalist, he used to go the extra mile to prove his allegiance to the white agenda. He made a mockery of journalistic principles when he published his online post titled “How do we get rid of President Jacob Zuma”, reflecting a complete biased approach towards the #whites.

Peter Bruce

Peter has been spearheading the whole movement of #wmc through the corrupt lobby of the white media and white corporates. He has previously also been accused of overturning a regime by lobbying with the NATO. It is certainly ironic that a journalist who claims to comply with the highest journalistic ethics has been facing this grave charge. He has been the most vocal about Gupta leaks, as they were posing the biggest threat to the #wmc monopoly.

Fake Propaganda which destroyed Gupta family reputation

The white media did everything against the Guptas starting from exerting its political influence to its corporate lobby, thus inflicting a heavy loss to the Guptas. But still, they failed to malign the positive image of the Guptas among the native blacks. So, in order to tarnish this positive image, they strategized a systematic plan. Initially, an unnecessary hype was created about the Guptas being involved in taking government decisions across the major State-owned Enterprises (SOEs). These fake stories were widely circulated thus creating a fake suspicion about it.

Following are a few quotes about some incidents, which created the hype about the Guptas having influenced the SOEs:

# In this propaganda, the white media tried to implicate the Guptas for taking illegal favours from ESKOM in the form of contracts and bail-out packages. Here are the links:



#In this fake propaganda by the white media against the Guptas, the family was falsely implicated where a Gupta associate was accused of, making illegal profits from Transnet contracts:


# In this fake propaganda created by the white media, the Guptas were accused of taking illegal profits from state-owned arms manufacturer Denel from the sale of their product in the East:


# The fourth and the most absurd controversy by the white media against the Guptas was where the family was accused of influencing the South African Airways and forcing the SOE to buy about six million copies of the New Age newspaper, which is owned by the Guptas:


After creating the necessary hype, they fake termed all these SOEs under the propaganda campaign ‘State Capture’. The reason behind choosing this term was to directly hit out at the patriotic conscience of the SA public. The campaign was a hit, thus resulting in hatred against the Guptas immediately.

The white media had circulated these fake stories through its print and electronic media and tried to create a premise of state capture in order to tarnish the image of the Guptas. But until then, the white media was itself accused of many atrocities, so they wanted a person with a clean image, allegiance to the #WMC, a black identity, and essentially from a department coming under government jurisdiction – Thuli Madonsela.

Thuli Madonsela’s Resume – Perfect Choice for the White Media

A stooge of #WMC, a close of associate of Johann Rupert, an elite black citizen, having a history of supporting whites, and most importantly, an incumbent public protector; a perfect blend that made ‘Thuli Madonsela’ the most favorable candidate for the white media to impose a tag of state capture on the Guptas.

And she did perfectly well what she was told to do. Under the influence of the white media, she made a state capture report as an incumbent public protector on the same charges that the white media had put on the Guptas. The report looked like a compilation of all the white media articles, almost as if she had made this report on the same table where the white media plotted their propaganda against the Guptas. The zero veracity of that report can be easily judged by the fact that she had gone the extra mile in taking the references from white media articles and done a copy-and-paste act in making the state capture report.

She mentioned every fake allegation against the Guptas as per the directions of the white media. Her unconditional loyalty for Johann Rupert and his associates was clearly reflecting in the report, as the real culprits of state capture, the whites didn’t get a single mention in that report.

In the end, as a “thank you” gesture by the white media and Johann Rupert, she got her reward in the form of a chair in social justice at the Law School of Stellenbosch University, where Johann Rupert holds the chair of Chancellor.

Countering baseless allegations of State Capture on the Guptas

Here, is the counter of the fake propaganda stories run by white media on which Thuli Madonsela had prepared the baseless state capture report.

ESKOM Controversy – ESKOM, an electrical public utility, which was running under the stronghold of #WMC lobby, faced an allegation, when it got involved with a non-white, the Guptas. It got mentioned in the state capture report that R564 million were awarded to a coal mining company owned by the Guptas, in compliance with the business rescue practice. Actually it is hard to find any wrongdoing in this process as the Guptas were meeting every criteria of that transaction and it was in the convention of the ESKOM to pre-pay the companies for their business rescue, as they had granted such courtesy many a times before to other white corporations. Notably, Tegeta owned by the Guptas, who got this package had outperformed many white corporations, which was the prime reason for this allegation against the Guptas.

South African Airways (SAA) Controversy – Another allegation of the white media which was mentioned in the state capture report was that the South African Airways (SAA) had spent R9.4m for purchasing about six million copies of the New Age newspaper, which is owned by the Gupta family. This is certainly the most absurd controversy created by the white media, as SAA is entitled to its choice as to which newspaper they want their flight passengers to read. Another reason that made the white media target SAA for the selection of New Age, was obviously the fact that the whites could not bear the thought of a non-white newspaper being chosen instead of a white publication. The bottomline is that anything that is tied to the Guptas has been twisted and projected as state capture by the white media.

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Controversy – In another allegation of state capture by the Guptas, the white media implicated the Guptas for influencing SABC and for using the channel to run stories in their favor. However, there was no connection of the New Age newspaper with the SABC. Regardless of that, the white media roped in Julius Malema to spread this malice. To make this false claim authentic, Julius Malema falsely implicated SABC and the New Age newspaper (owned by Gupta), that they were involved in the practice of demanding bribes from anyone who wanted to get interviewed in SABC. Malema put this allegation in front of Thuli Madonsela that he had himself gone through the same and without any second thoughts she considered this allegation as a state capture attempt by the Guptas, as she herself was working on the white payroll. Well, in reality, SABC doesn’t allow anyone for interviews with biased and ferocious opinions like Julius Malema.

Here, our counters clearly reflect the preposterous nature of the state capture charges imposed on the Guptas by the white media. But when all these dirty tricks failed to achieve the desired goal, they went hand-in-glove with public protector to frame them with the charges. But their lies and conspiracies have now been exposed by us. Now, the existential crisis is looming on them as they have run out of every dirty trick. But owing to its evil nature, the white media will certainly come with more murky plots against the Guptas.

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    It seems like creating fake propagandas and scandals have become an essential part of white media. It’s high time you journos, stop spreading such stories, for we are well aware who is behind all this? Johann Rupert is the main culprit.

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