White Media Avoids Reporting Vendor Financing Received by Cyril Ramaphosa

White Media’s Foolery; Avoids Reporting R2.26 Billion Vendor Financing Received by Cyril Ramaphosa

It seems that the Gupta family owned Oakbay Investments just can’t catch a breath from being an innocent victim of the white media and its bosses. It is just sickening that all the decisions taken by Oakbay is being negatively flung out of proportion via fake propaganda by the white media. For instance, Oakbay’s BEE-inspired decision to sell its media arms ANN7 & TNA to Jimmy Manyi at R450 million through vendor financing has not been taken positively by the Johann Rupert-aligned white media.

‘Vendor Financing’ is one such popular concept which has been used time and again by many SA corporations to sell or buy firms, yet this particular term has suddenly attracted negative vibe from the whites who are calling the process suspicious, just because of the Guptas-owned Oakbay’s implementation of this concept regarding the sell-off of its media houses.

Now what the whites are deliberately neglecting to acknowledge is that the very same concept of vendor financing has been implemented numerous times by WMC-owned corporations in order to launder huge amount of money within the country’s economy.

Let us highlight a typical case of vendor financing held in 2011 where a sum of R2.26 billion was received by a company named ‘Shanduka’ in order to acquire 50.03% stake in Incwala Resources, the designated BEE vehicle of Lonmin Plc. Shanduka is owned by none other than the WMC stooge & Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, and it is a 26% stakeholder in white owned ‘Lonplats’, the SA subsidiary of Lonmin Plc.

In acquiring this stake, Ramaphosa-owned Shanduka made an equity contribution of R197.5 million to Lonmin and the idea was to repay the loan with dividends but till now no loan has been repaid.

The white media’s deliberate avoidance to create a hue and cry on such a massive vendor financed non-repayment deal shows its shrewd favoritism towards the WMC stooges such as Cyril Ramaphosa. But when it comes to the Guptas who have just decided to vendor finance Jimmy Manyi, there’s suddenly a tornado of suspicion being smelled by the whites. Top journalists such as Ferial Haffajee, Adrian Basson, Peter Bruce etc have openly supported this ‘suspicious vendor financing’ nuance.

Prior to this vendor financing antic played by the white media, the guptas have also been indicted of all sorts of charges which are simply the media allegations with no evidence as such. Till date, not even a single official case has been registered against the family.

Apart from the Guptas, Jimmy Manyi has been a strong advocate of BEE and a pro-active black supporter, thus making him one of the prime propaganda targets of WMC and the white media.

Now that the SA natives are finally acknowledging the real faces of the white media, a considerable ray of hope of RET being inscribed into the SA native society seems a reality.

  • Martiz

    The lavish life which these journalists live is because of the money which is paid to them by their wmcbosses, so not even their conscience convince them to publish the truth.

    • Thomas

      Media is considered to be the mirror of the society. But now it seems like they have sold their soul to their bosses and have agreed to remain their slave in perpetuity.

  • Robert Currie

    There’s a difference financing with private company money and money stolen from taxpayers

    • wmcscams

      Still am looking for the source that verifies that money is stolen from the taxpayer’s.

  • keorapetse

    That’s how they do it brother ! making money wrong ways.

    • Thomas

      Making money the wrong way and misleading people by showing them false sympathies. Ramaphosa is a snake in the grass!

  • keorapetse

    The Cyril “Lier” Ramaphosa..

    • Thomas

      Ramaphosa is a liar ! and now he wishes to capture our country for satisfying his own self interests!

  • Clara

    The frauds and scams of the WMC agents never catch the attention of media. Why is that so? The white media masks all the nefarious activities of these corrupt leaders, but Guptas are always questioned. Why??