SA Native Blacks Stand Up Against De Beers

SA Native Blacks Finally Stand Up For Their Rights Against The Supremacist ‘De Beers’

In South Africa where the white minority has been enjoying all the luxuries and affluence living in big cities, all thanks to #WMC; on the other hand the native black majority has been left secluded from city lifestyle to struggle even for the basic needs. In this progressive world where equality among races is of paramount importance, the blacks have raised their rightful voices many times against the oppression faced by them, yet the whites are not able to shake off their inherent supremacist behaviour, and it seems that it will be a while for that tendency to subside.

One of such racist suppressions on the rights of native blacks of South Africa has been recently carried out by one of the white-owned mining organizations named ‘De Beers’, a diamond mining company, which is financed by Rothschild Group (heavily influenced by Johann Rupert) and by the South African diamond magnate Alfred Beit. De Beers has planned to set up a mining plant in Sikhong, South Africa where it has deliberately left out the area’s black native community without any consultation regarding this. In retaliation, the native community has to the streets and stand up against the company’s racist temperament.

De Beers’ Supremacist Attitude Towards the Poor Blacks Community

De Beers, being an international company who is all set to bring a new mining plant in the town of Sikhong has intentionally left out the area’s native community from the entire setup process loop also involving the mining ministry. As per the courtesy, every mining firm after taking authorized permission from the government to set up a plant, needs to make a thorough consultation with the nearby native community before going ahead in any way. Similarly, De Beers had applied for the establishment of a new mine in Sikhong but deliberately overlooked the local blacks who have been residing nearby. The company, out of humanity, should have consulted with the local people about the various agendas such as employment opportunities that it can provide them and to their future generation, about their pollution management strategies, the basic amenities and development that it would provide to the town etc. But it seems like the white hatred over the blacks has reached its peak which has led to such an uprising.

Upon the uprising of the town natives, a meeting was formally called upon between the company and the community that too 20 km away from the town. Even though the company has been very well acquainted of the lack of proper transport in the town, it deliberately chose a distant place of parley.

Not just this, no advert was also placed in the local newspaper about the meeting as per the law. These local people seem just another pothole for De Beers. The company when asked about its atrocity has come with yet another lame excuse – it is a non-invasive project and will have no impact on the community whatsoever.

De Beers Faces the Wrath of the Local Blacks

At this decision of De Beers, the local people of Sikhong seem to be in no mood to tolerate the dominance of whites this time. The community has made some legitimate demands like a systematic environmental management plan, A Social and Labor Plan, The Prospecting Right, Proof of Consultation with landowners/affected parties, Memorandum of Agreement etc and that all these demands need to be filled before setting up the factory.

And the moral obligation of the company must be to work with the community and to uplift them. Well, De Beers has been stubborn on implementing all of the above demands from the community. This attitude of De Beers has also led to an aggrieved uprising from the community.

Now Companies Are Applying Online, Thus Forgetting Any Consultation With the Natives

Apart from the above demands, the Sikhong community has also demanded a change in the process of applying for the establishment of a mining plant. Currently, the Department of Mineral has introduced an online way where any company can apply for establishing a mining plant from anywhere in the world. This has turned out to be a disadvantage for the nearby community, as the companies are no more going consulting the nearby residents before setting up the mining plant.

Zwane’s Mining Charter, A Saviour of The Native Blacks

To overcome these problems and to benefit the local communities, Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane has come up with a revised Mining Charter which has ensured that South Africa gets one step closer to Radical Economic Transformation. It is bent towards the rule of issuance of license to all the mining companies who have 50% of black ownership. Well this new charter is currently on hold owing to a court case being challenged by the whites because of the implementation of this charter would lead to a downfall of Monopoly of the Whites.

After 23 years of democracy when it is the high time for South Africa to witness a racism free society, with the influence of whites over the economy and politics is ever-growing. Whites are continuously stretching their businesses and fattening their pockets by suppressing the rights of native blacks. The companies like De Beers continue to earn wealth by extracting the minerals which belong to SA people without sharing the profit with them. This is the alarming situation when the native communities need to take their own stand and fight for what is theirs. They must learn to enjoy the fruits of the mineral wealth present in the country.



    These white monopolists do not thinks poor blacks as humans, how low they can go? They have no humanity left in themselves.

  • Thomas

    In order to do ethical business they must have talked to the natives about the mining and the opportunities they would get from it. How selfish of De Beers.