SA Economy in Clutches of Johann Stellenbosch Mafia

SA Economy in the Dictatorial Clutches of Johann’s ‘Stellenbosch Mafia’

Stellenbosch is infamously known to be the economic capital of South Africa and a power center of the richest white capitalists like Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer. Acting as a refuge for all the capitalist mindsets who have been exploiting the native population to establish white supremacy, this town is still carrying the legacy of the atrocious apartheid.

This economic capital has been an old abode of the Rupert family to run anti-economic policies in order to marginalize the native blacks. And today, the family’s heir Johann Rupert along with several other shrewd capitalists are carrying out the apartheid movement in a well-structured way. Their tendency to keep a bullying domination on the entirety of South Africa has earned them a name ‘Stellenbosch Mafia’. Apart from Johann, a few supremacists who form the mafia are ‘Christo Wiese (ShopRite, Pepkor), Koos Bekker (Naspers), G.T. Ferreira, Paul Harris (FirstRand and Rand Merchant Bank), Markus Jooste (Steinhoff), and Michiel Le Roux (Capitec), running it smoothly to maintain their supremacy in economic and government machinery.

Although, Johann Rupert has always been maintaining the convention that Stellenbosch is only open for the capitalist mindsets, means only the whites, but over the time since post-apartheid, he is open his doors to elite blacks such as Jay Naidoo, Zithulele Combi etc in this closed society of colonialism as well.

The Reason Behind Johann’s Inclusion Of The Elite Blacks In The All-Whites Stellenbosch Mafia Group

The root purpose of the inclusion of the elite blacks in Stellenbosch by Johann Rupert was primarily to gain sympathy from the native blacks, as many times his corrupt lobby was exposed in their misdeeds. Johann’s strategy was to create and maintain a false set of equality which would seem as if he has been working towards the RET, thus establishing an pseudo-equality level for the blacks in this white-dominant society.

So, in order to establish such a false equality psychology within the natives of our country, he hand-picked a few black guys who were willing enough to sell their souls for their own and the whites benefits. They are Nkululeko Sowazi (chairman of MTN group), Jay Naidoo (J&J Group), Nhlanganiso Mkwanazi (Medu Capital), Phuthuma Nhleko (Non-Executive Chairman of Litha Healthcare Group) etc.

These black elites have been the wolves cloaked as sheep, as deep inside they are the big supporters of colonialism and have always been practising the rules against the black empowerment.

Stellenbosch Mafia’s Detrimental Tendency Towards Black Economic Empowerment

At the onset of post-apartheid, as per the rules there should be a considerable amount of black work force at the board and management level of all the companies in South Africa. And though Johann had openly promoted this equality move of the post-apartheid government at that time, his utter loathing tendency towards the blacks can be visible by just introspecting the white:black ratio of the employees of his group of companies. At Johann-owned Remgro, 18 of the 22 top and senior managers are white males. At Shoprite owned by Christoffel Wiese, another Stellenbosch mafia, had only two black board members—one female—out of 14. All eight executive directors are white males.

Such propensity could also be seen from the companies owned by elite blacks as well who are purely under the racism spell of Johann Rupert. Apart from the employee ratio, the entire Stellenbosch mafia has been criticized for their exploitation of the black natives as their firms have kept a low proportion of full-time employees and providing their contractual workers (trade union, mainly comprising of blacks) with low minimum wage of around $205 per month. Expecting such misdeeds from the whites is always obvious, but the black elites exploiting their own race is just disturbing.

In a nutshell, economic freedom or the phenomenon of Radical economic transformation can’t be realized with the existence of this so-called economic center run by the colonial mindset like Johann Rupert. Until now, he has left no stone unturned to undermine every right of the native blacks and because of his policies, white households still earn on average six times more than black ones, while unemployment among blacks is nearly six times higher than among whites. So, unless the Stellenbosch mafia isn’t brought to the books, it is really hard to bring equality and stability to our country’s economy.



  • Arne Theunissen

    to the author. Corruption, fraud, money laundering, theft. Those would be the true halmarks of organised crime, Mafia style.
    Oh wait, that’s what the Zupta’s are doing.
    Or did you think you get your salary for writing this shit from honest means?
    P.S. I say author and not reporter because author’s use stories and reporters use facts admissible as evidence in court.

    • mamalefu mokoena

      You easily digest any shit served by white media but the true face Johann Rupert is not acceptable to you. Well, your ignorance won’t change the fact that Johann Rupert is a corruption king.

  • mamalefu mokoena

    Rupert knows it very well that he can’t capture South Africa all alone or just with the support of white monopolists. He can’t let it be obvious to people, they would clearly find out his intention because of the apartheid experience. So he involved blacks in his wicked team.