Pravin Gordhan Master Plot To Capture SASSA Money Network

Pravin Gordhan’s Master Plot To Capture The Entire SASSA Money Network

Pravin Gordhan’s utter devotion towards Johann Rupert and the entire WMC network needs no introduction. His sheer loyalty by acting reciprocally in accordance with the rhythm and tune of WMC barons has a big selfish motive of his own i.e. to safeguard his existing valuable business interests across WMC organisations, be it in Johann Rupert owned Remgro, or in Grindrod Bank.

Pravin Gordhan’s Strategic Plot To Capture The Entire SASSA Money Network

One of the epic cases, though a failed one, held in early March 2017, which suitably exemplifies Pravin’s devotion and selfishness is the “SASSA – Grindrod Bank” saga wherein he along with the white media created a false crisis through false propagandas that the social grants wouldn’t be paid to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) immediately after March 31, 2017, and that Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) is thoroughly corrupt and should be released from the SASSA contract. Such pointers coming from Pravin Gordhan, the then SA Finance Minister, created a huge hue and cry among natives.

It was actually a well-strategized propaganda on the part of WMC to capture the entire SASSA money network by eliminating CPS from the loop and instilling Rupert’s inclined firm ‘Pembani Remgro Group into it, and Pravin Gordhan was the convener of the entire plot.

A couple of years ago Pembani, which holds Cyril’s Shanduka shares, went into a business venture with Remgro to form what is now called Pembani Remgro Infrastructure and others called, Grindrod Pembani Remgro Leasing (GPR Leasing), Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Managers and Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Fund.

According to the much strategized plot, once CPS was replaced by Pembani-Remgro, WMC would have captured the entire SASSA money network and would have generated ample amount of corruption money, maybe 2-3 times more than the existing figures.

Grindrod Bank, in which Johann Rupert and Pravin Gordhan both have major shareholdings, provides banking services for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant recipients, paying 17 million grants to 10.6 million distinct cardholders amounting to R11bn per month in close association with Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) who provide the card technology and manage the card programme on behalf of the government of South Africa.

However, the entire WMC plot was foiled by President Jacob Zuma who suddenly fired Pravin Gordhan in a midnight cabinet meeting on March 31, thus putting a halt to the entire manipulative drama.

White Media Had Openly Bullied ‘Bathabile Dlamini’

After the false propaganda by the white media about the SASSA money abomination, the minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, held a press conference in Pretoria to assure the nation that despite scare tactics by the white-owned media, social grants would be delivered to their 17 million recipients in April. She said that, “We will continue paying social grants beyond March 31.”

The white eNCA journalist, Karyn Maughan, blasted on Dlamini, not allowing her to make the announcement. She was cheered by other journalists, specifically her eNCA white colleague, Nickolaus Bauer to let the minister speak. Finally, the CPS remained active and SASSA social grants were paid as agreed by the minister.

In a nutshell, Pravin Gordhan has proved that he can stoop very low in order to prove his devotion towards WMC, even at the cost of eating up the poor native people SASSA money. So we urge the current Zuma regime to take appropriate steps in order to bring guys like Pravin Gordhan and Johann Rupert to justice.

  • kwanele

    It is a job of Finance Minister to work for the welfare of people but looks like Pravin Gordhan had his own mission of working for WMC. He got paid via shares in Rupert owned companies.

  • Bane

    Our President did a good job to remove Pravin Gordhan from the post of Finance Minister for he like the white media created false crisis that social grants were not paid.

  • Thomas

    Pravin Gordhan can stoop so low in order to prove his devotion to WMC. This is ridiculous, even making merry on the money of poor native people through SASSA money.

  • Clara

    Seems like Pravin Gordhan always used to work for WMC while he was still with ANC.