Johann Rupert Western Imperialistic Agenda

Johann Rupert’s Western Imperialistic Agenda To Loot ‘South Africa’

Western imperialism has always been notorious for its oppressive image because of its efforts of invading and conquering multiple nations to exploit their economic resources to the advantage of the global white community. These white capitalists also have the tendency to use human beings as the slave trades, like they are currently pursuing in South Africa. They openly inflict atrocities on the workers by keeping them under unfavorable conditions and underpaying them. Moreover, in the quest of trying to get hold of the South African economy, the white capitalists led by Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer have been trying every propaganda at their disposal like – by influencing public perception against the Zuma regime, maligning pro-black public figures, and by creating unrest in population through violation. And till now, their biggest weapon in realizing their propaganda is white media which has been deliberately trying to sweep its misdeeds under the carpet and disseminate information that psychologically justifies its evil activities in South Africa. This imperialistic tendency of the western countries is not only confined to South Africa. They have carefully imposed their strategies in Brazil, Iraq, Libya, etc as well.

Brazil, another recent victim of ‘Western Imperialism’

Some recent events have suggested that the colonial mindset of the white imperialists is still intact in Brazil since the time tried to overthrow the current regime of the Brazilian President Dilma Rousse by conspiring against her. This was just another attempt to pursue their economic interests at the expense of the Brazilian population. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in this attempt to topple her regime which was responsible for making Brazil the sixth largest global economy by surpassing Britain. This economic reform had threatened the west to its core, so they tried everything for her impeachment.

History of Imperialistic Coups by the Whites All Across The Globe

It’s like they had tried such coups on many nations and these vicious attempts are still in continuation. Like in the year of 2011, a similar coup was attempted against the Libyan ruler, Muammar Gaddafi which ended by his death, thus leaving the whole nation in deep chaos. A ruler who had turned a poor and destitute Libya into one of the richest states in Africa and had ensured equal distribution of wealth, was captured by the rebel forces under the influence of NATO countries and brutally murdered in broad daylight. Do you know what he had done wrong? He refused to accept imperialism theory in his country and that he sensed the evil intentions of the west, which was to loot the state for oil. This coup was further validated by 3000 of Clinton’s confidential emails that how western forces strategized the fall of Gaddafi.

On the same primary aim of looting the natural resources, the west imperialism had conspired the murder of then Iraq president Abd al-Karim Qasim because he was planning for nationalism of oil in Iraq, which was a big impediment for exploiting oil resources by the west.

South Africa’s Brutal State in the Light of the Ongoing White Imperialism

Underdevelopment in South Africa is the direct implication of continued imperialism of the white capitalists, which resulted in weak economic, political and social-cultural structures in the nation. This attempt of the coup is so serious in nature that this time they are trying to gain absolute supremacy through banks, political parties and the white businessmen. In this quest, they have been trying to suppress every pro-black voice be it a businessman or a politician by their propaganda machine #WhiteMedia. The white corporations running their operations like a monarch and undermining every effort of every non-white businessman, like they did it with the Guptas when they made the fake theory of state-capture around them and blocked their funds with the help of their corrupt bank lobby.

As no coup can be realized without the help of some insiders, so in this coup big political stalwarts like Pravin Gordhan, Trevor Manuel, and many more are working hand-in-glove with the white capitalists such as Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer in order to continue practicing imperialism in South Africa. These sold-out politicians have been acting as the voice of the white capitalists in the veil of black reforms. They have put many baseless allegations against the revolutionary and patriotic leadership of Zuma, like the so-called #statecapture and blame him to put the whole South African economy at ransom.

In a Nutshell

A way back, they bluntly exploited many nations for their profit in the colonial period, but from the post-colonial era, they have changed their strategy to indirect exploitation. Globalization and Capitalism are some of the terms developed by them which are just the modified versions of colonialism, just like old wine in a new bottle. They have been looting the South African economy in the veil of Globalization and have been plundering its economy very badly since decades.


    Globalization is something in which the whole population is adapts the a new and advanced nature of interaction with each other which majorly involves capital flow that is beneficial for the both party. On the other hand Capitalism is the concept in which private owners control the economic system of the country but that do not support corruption. But in South Africa both the terms has been misused and their meanings were changed as per the convenience of white monopolists.

  • Thomas

    We have had enough of looting in South Africa. Now all we want is to see these WMC masters along with their stooges behind the bars.