Johann Rupert Bribed The Black Elites

How The Ruperts Bribed The Black Elites To Justify Their Supremacy Over The South African Blacks

It has been around 23 years of post-apartheid which pledged the abolition of the much talked ‘White Monopoly Capital’ and ordination of ‘Radical Economic Transformation’ into the very foundation of South Africa, but nothing has changed much since then, all thanks to the Rupert, Oppenheimer and other white family legacies who have set their cards at all the right places in order to maintain a monopoly across the entire nation. Currently, the likes of Johann Rupert are actually enjoying the ‘supremacist’ fruit sown by their previous generations.

WMC Master Plan To Rope In Black Elites

According to historian and political biographer, Anthony Butler, in 1976, after the Soweto uprisings, English monopoly capital found itself in a panic. It feared the looming threat of a black uprising, and accordingly hatched a master plan to puppeteer all the blacks on its finger tips.

According to it –  “The mature family-oriented black already places the stability of his household uppermost. (He) is more interested in his pay-packet than in politics. So, only by having the most respectable section of the urban black on its side can the whites of South Africa be assured of containing the irresponsible economic and political ambitions of those blacks who are influenced.”

So in order to execute such a massive plan, Harry Oppenheimer and Clive Menell roped Afrikaner Anton Rupert (father of Johann Rupert’s) into the project to avoid “Rome falling to the barbarians”. They hatched a plan to collect a group of “elite & bright black people” over the years such as Trevor Manuel, Cyril Ramaphosa, Pravin Gordhan, EFF’s Julius Malema, DA’s Mmusi Maimane etc. Clive Menell’s son, Brian Menell, was put up to grind them into this paternalistic orgy of a self-interested and black middle-class.

Black Elites Like Cyril Ramaphosa & Trevor Manuel Enemies Of SA Natives

According to the famous Frantz Fanon: “The European elite undertook to manufacture a native elite. They picked out promising adolescents, they branded, as with red-hot iron, with the principles of high-sounding phrases, grand glutinous words that stuck to the teeth these walking lies had nothing left to say to their brothers, they only echoed.”

And now these native elites like Cyril and Trevor are seen voicing: “There is no such thing as white monopoly capital.”

These black elites have really betrayed their own native community. Currently, the young blacks have lost faith in the liberation movement as they see their elite leaders defending the whites at every possible way whatsoever.Yesterday these very elite blacks were revolutionaries but today they’re sell-outs.

So, now the blacks have bestowed their trust on the beloved President Jacob Zuma. Though there have been many hurdles created by the whites community to oust the SA president, he stands tall as ever to fulfil his vision of Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and give the SA natives the power and respect they deserve.


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