Johann Rupert Ridicules RET

Johann Rupert Ridicules Radical Economic Transformation; ANC Blasts Back

An apartheid beneficiary and the chairman of Swiss luxury group Richemont, Johann Rupert has made a staggering statement on Wednesday, calling the pro-black policy: ‘Radical Economic Transformation’ a mere theft and a smokescreen for the looting of state coffers.

A usually media-shy person, Mr. Rupert has been in the headlines every now and then for his bombarding reactions which show his focused tendency to reincarnate the apartheid era.

Has he done that just because it is not made by his white fellow men and it would bring the blacks in majority at par?

The ANC lambasted the report on Thursday dismissing the remarks of Johann as ‘disingenuous and  extremely opportunistic’. Such a statement coming from a person who has captured the national treasury via his infamous ‘Project Spider Web’ since 1994 has not been taken well by the ANC and the voice of South Africans.

ANC says, Johann Rupert Amassed His Wealth Through Economy Plunder

On Thursday, ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said Rupert benefited from apartheid’s exclusionary policies and that his comments reveal an arrogant attitude towards the country’s downtrodden.

Kodwa went on to say that, “Johann Rupert is an ungrateful parasite who amassed his wealth, not because of anything but the colour of his skin at the exclusion of the black majority who continue to suffer”. He further added that, “It’s unfortunate that people like him don’t use opportunities such as the meeting he was addressing in Geneva to invite more investors in South Africa, instead he’s calling for disinvestment in South Africa”.

Born into fortunate circumstances, Rupert has made the most of his situation. He resides in Stellenbosch in SA which is still a safe haven for top notch businessmen like Johann Rupert, Christo Wiese, GT Ferreira, Jannie Mouton, and many more. They have made it their economic capital to continue their strong anti-economic policies. In fact, the whole SA economy is being controlled even today by the whites. It’s been more than two decades post apartheid and nothing has changed on the economic front.

Johann’s Richemont AGM Was A Platform To Ridicule ANC and President Zuma

Johann Rupert is playing a big game. Richemont’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Geneva was transited to a platform for ridiculing the ANC and President Zuma. He went ahead to mention that, economic injustices in SA need to be addressed and that more opportunities have to be created to enable black businesspeople to flourish.

In reply to this, the ANC national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa said that Rupert benefited from apartheid’s exclusionary policies, and that his comments reveal an arrogant attitude  towards the country’s poor. Does he mean then that the rich should get more richer and the poor should be left to suffer?

Johann’s Years Of Oppression Of RET & Black Majority

ANC’s statement against the WMC goes on to say that businessmen like Rupert have totally entrapped the SA economy either by capturing it economically or by lobbying it with the elite blacks who all find a dwelling in Stellenbosch. The black majority is locked into a cycle of serving only as cheap labour that is highly exploited for the purposes of capital accumulation by the whites.  It is these racialized economic relations that have produced the generational wealth of the Rupert Family that Mr Johann Rupert now commands.

Condemning his recent statement further, ANC mentions that, it is the arrogant attitudes on the part of the privileged sections of SA that threaten the very idea of a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa. This has resulted in a systemic trap of an over concentration of economic assets in the hands of white people and a systematic exclusion of successive generations of black people from sustainable economic livelihood.

ANC’s Humble Advice For Johann Rupert

Rupert is advised to desist from derogatory, unfounded statements based on his innate inclination to preserve privilege and prosperity for a few.

  • keorapetse

    Johan..a “Lier” in true terms !

  • keorapetse

    Johan the “Fake” Rupert !

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    Yes, he is at it again, but in a more blunt way and have started to castigating RET (Radical Economic Transformation) openly and calling it theft for looting state coffers. Certainly, he has crossed the threshold in demeaning black reforms by his voice, the same he has been doing by his actions.

  • Helen R. Miller

    How can someone bear an act which can impede his illegal sources of income through national treasure? The same is happening with Johann Rupert, as he is seeing his bleak future if the native blacks come in mainstream economy through RET (Radical Economic Transformation).

  • Thomas

    This is really disgusting, Rupert has dared to insult the policy meant for the benefit of the poor! such people are a blot on our nation.

  • Martiz

    What does Rupert know of poverty? he does not know what it means to suffer. He is just a rich brat born with a silver spoon. Nothing can be expected from such people.

  • Thomas

    This man is really disgusting! how can someone say such defamatory things for a policy which is meant for the benefit of the people.